“Sierra Club Endorses Christine Clarke for LD26 Assembly,” May 15, 2019.

We are proud to announce our endorsement of Christine Clarke for State Assembly. She will stand up to the environment and become a leader on issues that matter to us. Christine will better represent the needs of the 26th Legislative District when it comes to clean air, clean water, and protecting the environment. She will support legislation that will promote renewable energy and green jobs. She will also support climate smart strategies rather than dirty fossil fuel projects ... Christine will fight for New Jersey’s environment, public health, and economy and we fully endorse her for New Jersey State Assembly in the 2019 election.

- Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club


32BJ Endorses Legislative District 26 Candidates, September 24, 2019

32BJ members screened Christine Clarke for our endorsement and enthusiastically and unanimously voted to support her bid for State Assembly in New Jersey’s District 26. Clarke has shown strong leadership and commitment to working people, progressive values, and the environment as a community organizer. We are proud to endorse her and know she will fight to advance and uphold 32BJ values.

- Kevin Brown, New Jersey State Director, 32BJ SEIU

“New Jersey State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements,” June 12, 2019

This year’s endorsed candidates understand the challenges facing the middle class and will work to put the interests of New Jersey’s working families first. Together, with candidates who support our core values and our many affiliates, the New Jersey labor movement will continue to lead the way forward for the rest of the nation, promoting job creation, quality education, skills training, modernized infrastructure, affordable health care, and a sustainable and secure retirement future for all working families.

- Charles Wowkanech, President of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO


”NJEA PAC Endorses 59 Candidates in Legislative Contests,” August 29, 2019

We have the opportunity to make our voices heard this November and ensure that the people we elect to represent us in the Assembly share our commitment to excellent public schools for students, and dignity and economic justice for school employees. Christine Clarke will be a strong advocate for our members and the students we serve.

- Sean M. Spiller, Vice President, New Jersey Education Association


LD26 Assembly Candidate Christine Clarke’s Latest Major Endorsement is from HPAE and HPAE Announces 2019 Assembly, County, and Local Endorsements, October 3, 2019

As a candidate for Assembly, Christine Clark has shown she is on the side of health care workers and patients. At a time when the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, healthcare professionals need representatives in Trenton who understand our concerns and are committed to improving the quality of care and protecting our rights as well as those of our patients.

- Debbie White, RN, President, Health Professionals and Allied Employees, AFL-CIO


PFANJ Press Release and Endorsement List, September 13, 2019

With the ever present threat of terrorist activity in New Jersey and the metropolitan area, we need legislators that will respond to our needs and the needs of all the citizens they represent. We believe our endorsed candidates will respond for the Firefighters, Emergency Medical Service personnel and all first responders of New Jersey.

- Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey, IAFF, AFL-CIO


“Biological Diversity PAC backs Clarke,” June 26, 2019

Christine Clarke will work to protect her constituents and her state from climate impacts, and to fight for clean air, clean water, public health and ecological integrity. She will make the district a true leader when it comes to sustainability and resource conservation, We have had the opportunity to work with Christine in her capacity as an environmental activist and we look forward to the great work she will do in Trenton.

- Brett Hartl, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund


”NJ League of Conservation Voters Issues First Round of Assembly Endorsements”, ”Christine Clarke,” July 25, 2019

Christine is an environmental advocate running to protect her district's health and well-being. She wishes to focus on the job growth, new revenue, and exponential economic gains that the renewable energy market can bring to New Jersey. Her platform also includes clean energy jobs, tax relief, safe water and air, and affordable healthcare.

We are proud to endorse Christine Clarke in the 26th District, and we urge you to vote for her on November 5th.

- NJ League of Conservation Voters

LD 26 needs new leadership, plain and simple. Assemblyman Jay Webber is one of polluters’ best friends in Trenton with an abysmal 34% lifetime environmental record on our latest scorecard. New Jersey LCV is endorsing Christine because of her commitment to put our families and businesses ahead of for-profit polluters to ensure New Jersey is headed on a cleaner, more sustainable path.

- Ed Potosnak, Executive Director, NJ League of Conservation Voters

”Clean Water Action Endorses Clarke and Fortgang for NJ State Assembly,” September 12, 2019

New Jersey has the opportunity to be a national leader on clean energy, clean water, and environmental justice. We can only achieve this by electing assemblymembers who prioritize their constituents over special interests.

- Clean Water Action


LD26 Assembly Candidate Christine Clarke Endorsed by NOW New Jersey, October 7, 2019

New Jersey Chapter of the National Organization for Women

Christine is unbought and will fight hard to pass good legislation that finally starts to tip the scales in Trenton away from the wealthy and politically-connected few, like a Millionaire’s Tax and corporate subsidy reform. Let’s send Christine to Trenton to advocate for the many, and in the coming years, let’s send many like her to take back New Jersey for working people.

- Sue Altman, State Director, New Jersey Working Families


“ATNJ Endorses Christine Clarke and Laura Fortgang for State Assembly in LD 26,” May 17, 2019

With more news on the gridlock in Trenton, such as the inaction on the legalization of marijuana and the corruption with the EDA, ATNJ believes that the State Legislature needs new voices from regular, hardworking, middle-class people among its ranks to speak for the working class. A mom of four and a resident of Jefferson Township, Clarke is hardworking and engaged, advocating for underrepresented populations and the middle class. Clarke’s work as an Environmental Advocate makes her uniquely qualified to be an essential voice in the Assembly as New Jersey moves forward to make necessary changes in the current climate crisis.

- Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ)


”LD26 Assembly Candidate Christine Clarke Receives Endorsement of SOMA Action,” August 7, 2019

We look forward not only in helping to flip this district, but also to elect two outstanding candidates who are unbought and unbossed, who are serious about putting the interests of their constituents first, and whose positions reflect the mission of SOMA Action.

- SOMA Action


Vote For Equality: Our 2019 Election Endorsements and Tweet, September 26, 2019

Standing up for equality is always right, and because of Christine Clarke's commitment to New Jersey’s LGBTQ community, she has decisively earned Garden State Equality's endorsement. We are proud to support her candidacy, and we look forward to building a more equal New Jersey with her in office.

- Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director, Garden State Equality


Vote Mama Shines Light on Mom of Four Running in LD26: Christine Clarke Receives Endorsement of Vote Mama PACs and Tweet, September 25, 2019

I am thrilled to endorse Christine in her campaign for NJ-26. Christine has a clear vision to protect the environment and create a better country for our children and I am proud to support her.

- Liuba Grechen Shirley, Founder and CEO, Vote Mama

Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey Announces Endorsement of 38 Women Assembly Candidates for 2019 Election, September 20, 2019

These endorsements reflect a strong showing of women candidates whose platforms are consistent with our mission. We are pleased to endorse this diverse group of talented women who are ready, willing and able to represent all New Jersey citizens with their unique perspectives.

- Shari Weiner, Political Resources Director, Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey

“Champions,” July 22, 2019

The candidates on our Champions List are running great campaigns powered by the grassroots, not corporate interests. We're proud to support them as they take power back for their communities and turn big ideas into action.

- Progressive Change Campaign Committee


”Our Revolution Endorses Christine Clarke and Rachel Ehrlich in Essex County, New Jersey,” August 21, 2019

We are proud to endorse Christine Clarke for the New Jersey State Assembly in District 26. Christine is an activist who knows that climate change is the existential threat of our era. That’s why she’s devoted so much time to organizing for a greener New Jersey – first, serving on the steering committee of Jersey Renews, and now as the chair of the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee, where she has continued to center the importance of addressing climate change.

As an Assemblymember, she will lead where our current representatives have, frankly, failed us. Christine will push for more green infrastructure that creates jobs while helping to clean our air and water. She will also work to prepare New Jersey for the next environmental crisis, ensuring that our roads, waterways, bridges, and tunnels are not vulnerable to our rapidly changing climate. And, Christine will continue to look out for our children while she fights for their future, by expanding pre-kindergarten and increasing funding for our schools.

Christine will face an uphill battle – the 26th District has elected Republicans for a long time, despite the fact that they have done nothing for the working people of the 26th. If we want to install true, progressive change in our district, we’ll need all the help we can get. That’s why we’re asking you to volunteer today.

- Our Revolution, Washington DC


”PAM’s List Endorses 2019 Legislative Candidates,” August 13, 2019

Getting pro-choice, Democratic women elected to office is something we should all get behind, even in the most challenging of districts. We want these candidates to know there is a team of women who have their backs, so we are so proud and excited to have endorsed them this year.

- Antonia Spano, Executive Director of PAM's List


As Mayor of the largest municipality in Legislative District 26, I am proudly supporting Christine Clarke for State Assembly in 2019. Christine’s enthusiasm for green, economically sound policies will be a great contribution to our Democratic Majority Caucus, I look forward to a committed partnership between Christine and my administration to deliver results for the taxpayers of Parsippany.

- Michael Soriano, Mayor of Parsippany

Christine has what it takes to make a great assemblywoman. A fierce advocate for women's rights, health care rights, immigrants’ rights and addressing the climate crisis, Christine is what is need in the legislature at this moment in time.

- Chip Robinson, Morris County Democratic Committee Chairman

I’m thrilled that Christine Clarke will be running for Assembly this year. She truly understands the impact that policy makes on people’s lives and has long been a tireless advocate for change. She has a genuine grasp of the issues we are facing and will bring her progressive pragmatism to the state assembly.

- Leroy Jones, Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman