As an environmentalist, a grassroots organizer and a mother-of-four running for State Assembly in the 26th District, Christine Clarke will fight for clean energy jobs, safe water and air, and affordable healthcare.

Urgent Challenges Require Decisive Action

Like taxes? 

Neither do we. The estimated cost to New Jersey annually of dealing with extreme weather events if we do not cut emissions and transition to renewable energy by 2030 is $1.6 billion per year.  Nationally, we've paid $350 billion to deal with climate change over the last 10 years and will be paying $35 billion annually by 2050 if we don't implement better policies.  Incomes could shrink by as much as 36% due to climate change, hitting millennials hardest. We deserve better. Christine is running to create clean energy jobs that will generate revenue, keep taxes down and relieve us of the costs of climate inaction.

Like flooding? 

Neither do we. We are currently experiencing global warming at 1.1 degrees above pre-industrial era levels.  Superstorm Sandy was previously considered a once-in-500-year event. This year, at this time, it's considered a once-in-25-year event. By 2030-2045, if we do not stop corporate polluters, it will be a once-in-5-year intensity storm. We deserve better than a future filled with frequent extreme weather events. Christine is running to protect our communities from a frequently-flooded future.

Like clean, fresh water? Like well-hydrated farms and fresh produce? 

So do we. But by about 2070, watersheds around the country are expected to have monthly water shortages that won't be solvable by groundwater mining or expanding reservoir storage.  Expectations are that we'll need to take as much as 30% of the water from irrigation and agriculture to supplement drinking water needs for human consumption.  We deserve better. Christine will protect our water quality by fighting polluters and supporting renewable energy.

Like Fresh, available and low-cost food? 

So do we.  But if we don't stop polluters and change our energy sourcing, food costs will rise as drought and elevated growing season temperatures harm our crops and our food security.  Shifting precipitation patterns and high temperatures will increase likelihoods of wildfires, pests and reduced water supplies for irrigation.  Lower soil carbon capture will impact plant growth.  We deserve better. Christine will advocate for our farms, farmers and crops by defending a habitable climate.

Like affordable insurance? 

Climate change could make insurance unaffordable.  As insurers are increasingly hit with property damage costs and rising health impact costs from extreme weather events, estimates to account for the projected impacts could drive premiums up due to the need to price for more extreme weather outcomes and impacts to human health.  We deserve better. Christine is aware of the threats of rising insurance premiums and is committed to defending us from these projections.

Like quality healthcare? 

So do we. Quality, affordable healthcare is a moral imperative and should be accessible for all of us. As someone whose beloved aunt suffered a preventable death at a young age for lack of health coverage, Christine knows personally how critical affordable, accessible coverage is for our families.  We deserve better. In advance of future federal leadership in reforming the U.S. healthcare system, New Jersey's proposed creation of a state-run healthcare marketplace will help direct the funds we already pay in healthcare premium taxes to further negotiate down our costs of care, costs of prescriptions and more.  Christine supports access to quality, affordable healthcare and considers it a human right.

Like good schools? 

So do we. As a product of the public school system in New Jersey, Christine believes in supporting robust, engaging and well-funded public education.  We need to support our teachers and make sure we are doing all we can to facilitate a healthy, safe, well-balanced school environment for everyone present. We need to expand pre-K education to give our students early advantages, and address the student loan crisis so our young people aren’t entering the workforce carrying the burden of unsustainable debt. All students in New Jersey should be able to enjoy excellent, affordable opportunities through our schools to explore their interests and map out the course of their future.

Like Well-paying jobs? 

So do we. Christine has been advocating for renewable energy in New Jersey because it will protect us from the worst projections of climate change and because it is profitable. It’s now more expensive to operate fossil fuel plants than to install new solar and wind farms. Private industry is making tremendous investments into moving into the booming, thriving renewable energy market. The fastest-growing job around the U.S. right now is ‘wind turbine technician,’ and after the passage of New Jersey’s Executive Order 8 and Clean Energy Act in 2018, our state is getting ready to lead-not-follow in this competitive industry to our economic benefit. Moving to renewable energy will create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs, and hiring has already started. These new jobs will keep families here, give our students excellent career positions to enter as they graduate school, and create new supply chain work and economic growth that will generate revenue for our overtaxed state.

Our incumbent Assembly representatives voted against, and abstained from voting on, the Clean Energy Act respectively in 2018. Christine will work hard to support a thriving, clean energy future and protect our water, food, air, public health, insurance rates and more from polluters and from the worst projected impacts of climate change.

Like being heard? 

So do we. Accountable, accessible representation is important.  Empathetic listening is important.  Regardless of personal politics, a constituent should be able to interact with elected representatives and have substantive conversations on issues of concern. We need to get back to courtesy, respect and decency in public service. As our Assemblywoman, Christine will be an accessible leader who treats constituents with respect.

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We can - and we must - solve the climate crisis.  Together.

We can - and we must - solve the climate crisis. Together.