As an environmentalist, a grassroots organizer and a mother-of-four running for State Assembly in the 26th District, Christine Clarke will fight for clean energy jobs, safe water and air, and affordable healthcare.

Christine Clarke

Christine Clarke is an environmental advocate, a grassroots organizer and a mother-of-four running to advance clean energy jobs, protect clean air and water, improve healthcare and legislate with empathy and fiscal responsibility.  She wants the job growth, new revenue and exponential economic gains of the booming renewable energy market to thrive here and benefit New Jersey. For more on why she's running, click here.


"Christine has been a relentless advocate for the environmental health of New Jersey. She understands the risks our state faces if we do not rise to meet the challenge that climate change presents, and she understands the opportunities for a healthier, cleaner, and more productive New Jersey if we choose to invest now in a sustainable future."

-Matt Buckley / Founder, NJ March for Science


A History of Advocating for Change

Christine Clarke is a Climate Reality Leader and an Honorary Adviser to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY associated with the United Nations. She is a steering committee member of the Jersey Renews coalition, the NJ March for Science, and the NJ People's Climate Movement. She is chair of the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee, the former Environmental Director at Action Together New Jersey and was an early organizer with NJ 11th For Change.  Christine created Action Together's #ClimateVoter video series, hosting Facebook Live broadcasts with New Jersey members of Congress to talk about climate change and environmental policy. Christine organized grassroots calls to action, free public educational forums and live streamed events bringing people together around renewable energy and environmental conservation.  Now she's running for Assembly to advocate for us in the New Jersey Legislature, and needs your support.

Further to the importance of girls seeing themselves in their representation, Christine’s five-year-old daughter filled out a ballot application too. Photo by Kent Meister.

Further to the importance of girls seeing themselves in their representation, Christine’s five-year-old daughter filled out a ballot application too. Photo by Kent Meister.



Clarke has focused on accelerating the transition to renewable energy not only as a means of addressing climate change and reducing the state’s emissions, but as a way to protect public health while creating thousands of well-paying jobs and generating revenue to relieve New Jersey taxpayers like her family from unsustainable tax increases.


Clean Energy Jobs

We can generate tens of thousands of well-paying, union jobs to keep families here, grow the tax base and boost our economy by transitioning to renewable energy. 


We can ensure our children have the equal opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment, and give them the tools they need to stay competitive in an increasingly-automated changing workforce.

Air Quality

We can improve air quality and public health by cutting emissions and holding polluters accountable through direct regulations.

Tax relief

By transitioning to clean energy and enacting tax fairness policies we can create well-paying jobs, generate sustainable revenue to fix our credit rating, and offset the tax burden on middle class families.

Clean, Drinkable Water

We can create smart routing and infrastructure plans to protect our drinkable water from pollution and climate impacts, and deliver clean water to residents.

Health Care

BY creating a state exchange to safeguard key coverage protections, we can extend access to affordable and quality healthcare for all, cut costs and premiums and protect our families.